Azur Lane Tier List 2023 (Up to Date)

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Nov 21, 2023
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Discover how the Azur Lane Tier List can help you make informed decisions and optimize your gameplay.

Embark on an exciting naval adventure with Azur Lane, a popular mobile game known for its captivating gameplay and charming characters. In this blog, we'll delve into the mechanics of Azur Lane and shed light on the importance of understanding the game's tier list.  Additionally, we'll introduce PlaySwap, a trusted marketplace to buy Azur Lane items and skins, ensuring you have the resources to excel in the game.

Azur Lane


Azur Lane is a naval warfare game where players command anthropomorphic shipgirls in intense battles. The game combines strategic gameplay, captivating storytelling, and stunning artwork to create an immersive gaming experience.

Azur Lane has garnered a massive following worldwide due to its addictive gameplay, diverse shipgirl roster, and regular updates that keep the game fresh and engaging. The game offers a unique blend of strategy, collection, and customization.

Understanding the Tier List in Azur Lane

The Azur Lane tier list is a ranking system that categorizes ships based on their performance and effectiveness in battle. It provides players with valuable insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each ship.

The Tiers

  • S+ Tier: Ships with exceptional performance and extraordinary strength, dominating the battlefield.

  • S Tier: Outperforming ships in their class, except for those in the S+ tier, showcasing remarkable abilities.

  • A Tier: Strong ships that can work wonders when utilized in the right company.

  • B Tier: Useful and reliable picks in most situations, contributing effectively to the fleet.

  • C Tier: Ships that may not match the power of higher tiers but can still be valuable in specific formations.

  • D Tier: Ships that are decent but lack standout qualities or remarkable power.

  • E Tier: Ships that find utility in rare cases, requiring specific strategies and combinations.

  • F Tier: Ships with limited strengths and little impact on the battlefield.

Why Understanding the Azur Lane Tier List is Important


The tier list serves as a valuable resource for players, enabling them to make informed decisions when selecting ships for their fleets. It helps players optimize their strategies, maximize their chances of victory, and progress efficiently in the game.

By understanding the tier list, players can strategically allocate resources, focus on training the most powerful ships, and create synergistic fleets. This knowledge ensures a competitive edge in battles and enhances the overall gaming experience.

Azur Lane Tier List 2023 - Up to Date



Friedrich der Große, Musashi, New Jersey, Ulrich von Hutten, Vanguard


Monarch, Marco Polo, Odin, Prinz Rupprecht, Vittorio Veneto


Akane Shinjo, Amagi, Champagne, Georgia, Gneisenau, Izumo, Kii, Repulse, Sovetskaya Belorussiya


Hood, Iori Minase, King George V, Little Renown, Prince of Wales, Roma, Scharnhorst, Sovetskaya Rossiya, Warspite, Tosa


Gascogne µ, Jean Bart, Kaga (Battleship), Littorio, Lützow, Massachusetts


Abercrombie, Amagi-chan, Ise, Mujina, Mutsu, Nelson, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Renown, South Dakota, Super Gamer Kizuna AI, Tirpitz


Arkhangelsk, California, Colorado, Conte di Cavour, Erebus, Fusou, Giulio Cesare, Gneisenau, Haruna, Hiei-chan, Kirishima, Kongou, Maryland, Nevada, Repulse, Revenge, Rodney, Scharnhorst, Tennessee, Terror, West Virginia, Yamashiro

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