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Playswap's policy is aimed at prohibiting and actively preventing money laundering and any activities that support it, as well as the financing of terrorism and related activities. All managers, employees, and affiliates of Playswap are required to adhere to this policy to prevent the misuse of the company's services for money laundering purposes.

Operating in regions with stringent anti-money laundering (AML) regulations, Playswap is dedicated to collaborating with local financial management authorities. The company ensures compliance with international standards, local laws, and jurisdiction requirements. It continuously strengthens and adjusts its internal monitoring mechanisms to crackdown on any related illegal activities.

To assess the legitimacy of virtual items sold by players, Playswap predicts the average acquisition level by normal individual players based on the game's server opening time. Transaction and withdrawal limits are regularly set and adjusted in accordance with security requirements and actual transaction conditions. If transactions appear frequently or exceed reasonable limits in a registered account, Playswap's team evaluates and determines the suspicious nature of the activity.

In the event of a suspicious transaction, Playswap may implement restrictive measures such as suspending or rejecting the transaction, and, if possible, canceling it promptly. Notifications may not be provided. Adhering to anti-money laundering regulations, Playswap monitors and tracks suspicious transactions, reporting them to relevant law enforcement agencies. The company retains the right to refuse transactions at any stage if it believes there is a connection to criminal activities or money laundering.

In situations where there is a suspicion of potential criminal conduct involving a customer or third party, we will assess the likelihood of money laundering having occurred or being a future risk. Instances of suspicious activities that warrant reporting include:

  1. Insufficient, false, or questionable information provided by a customer, or reluctance to furnish complete details.
  2. Customer requests to conduct transactions in cash.
  3. Payments to or from third parties lacking an apparent or logical connection with the customer or the specific transaction.
  4. Transactions involving payment to or from countries deemed high risk for money laundering.
  5. Payments from countries not related to the transaction or inconsistent with the customer's usual patterns.
  6. Overpayments followed by instructions to refund, particularly if directed to a third party.
  7. Customers for whom determining the true beneficial owner is challenging.
  8. Unexplained spikes in a customer's transactional activities.
  9. Purchasing any Offer initiated by the customer or an agent on their behalf.
  10. Registering or utilizing more than one Playswap account.
  11. Confirming delivery before the transaction is completed.
  12. Returning purchased products or services to the Seller under any circumstances, except when appropriately arbitrated by Playswap 

In the event of the aforementioned suspicious activities, Playswap is authorized to:

  1. Verify the identity of the Buyer and their payments.
  2. Retain the Buyer's payments until Playswap has ascertained the completion status of the Order.
  3. Refund the Buyer appropriately for any products or services that, according to Playswap, were not adequately delivered.
  4. Safeguard the Seller from payment fraud.
  5. Disburse payment to the Seller, deducting Playswap fees, for products or services that, in Playswap's judgment, were properly delivered.
  6. Retain the right to pursue legal action against the Buyer or Seller to the fullest extent permissible by law in the case of any fraudulent activity.

If a transaction is elevated to the Playswap Final Resolution Committee, Playswap is authorized to:

  1. Fairly arbitrate disputes between the Buyer and Seller to the fullest extent possible.
  2. Continue withholding the Buyer's payments until the completion status of the Order is determined by Playswap.
  3. Persist in safeguarding the Seller from fraudulent payments.
  4. Thoroughly examine the Seller's Delivery Evidence, ensuring to the fullest extent possible that the Seller has adhered to the Secure Seller Delivery Agreement.
  5. Verify to the fullest extent possible that the Buyer has adhered to the Secure Buyer Delivery Agreement.
  6. Scrutinize the trading history of both the Buyer and Seller.
  7. Conduct a thorough verification of the identities of the Buyer and Seller involved in the transaction, along with a review of the Offer and Order.
  8. Evaluate any communications exchanged between the Buyer and Seller through the Playswap Onsite Messaging System that pertain to the Order.
  9. Retain the right to carry out any additional assessments or investigative steps necessary for the final resolution of a dispute.

Playswap does not accept payments from third parties. All deposits must be made in your own name and in accordance with the KYC documents submitted. In accordance with AML management policies, all withdrawn funds must be returned to the same source where the funds were deposited. This means, funds deposited via bank transfer will be returned to the same account when the withdrawal request is made. Similarly, if you deposit via credit card, your funds will be returned to the same credit card when the withdrawal request is made. Playswap does not accept cash deposits or cash disbursements when making withdrawal requests under any circumstances.

Playswap strongly opposes identity theft and fraudulent activities, employing a range of conventional and unconventional methods to prevent, trace, investigate, and document such illicit behavior.

As a policy, Playswap is committed to vigorously pursuing legal action against individuals or groups involved in fraudulent activities on the platform. This commitment includes providing comprehensive personal, transactional, and identifiable information to relevant legal authorities, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Internet Fraud Complaint Center, the United States Postal Inspection Service, the United States Secret Service, and other pertinent local, state, federal, and international entities. This cooperation aims to facilitate thorough investigations, issuance of arrest warrants, and effective prosecution.

Playswap will also report instances of fraud to the respective Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for action in accordance with their Acceptable Use Policies.

In addition to potential criminal cases, Playswap reserves the right to initiate a separate civil case against offenders to recover all damages and costs, both financial and otherwise. The platform does not consider the scale of the fraud, the age of the perpetrator, or the perceived impact on others as factors, and it investigates, prosecutes, and litigates to the fullest extent possible, regardless of associated costs.

According to the U.S.C. Title 18, Section 3056, Subsection (b), conviction on Credit Card Fraud carries penalties of 10 years imprisonment and/or a $10,000 fine. This section specifically empowers the United States Secret Service to identify and apprehend individuals violating federal criminal laws related to Credit Card Fraud and associated activities involving computers and/or access devices.

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