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Sellers are obligated to meet the agreed-upon delivery time using the buyer's selected method. It is advisable for sellers to establish a delivery timeframe they can adhere to, as promoted in their listings. Failure to fulfill the order in line with the specified delivery method makes the seller fully accountable in potential trade disputes. Playswap reserves the right to take suitable actions, such as refunding the order to the buyer. Consistently demonstrating good practices and reliability attracts a larger customer base. Sellers are encouraged to regularly log into their accounts to indicate their online/offline status on sales listings, enhancing the chances of potential customers placing orders from their lists.

Sellers are obligated to document the trade process with screenshots (pre and post-trade) or video evidence, which must be uploaded to the order details page post-delivery as per Playswap terms.

In cases of order cancellation or delays resulting from seller negligence, compulsory compensation to the buyer may be mandated. Ensuring accurate stock levels is crucial. For example, if a seller lists 1000 stones, they must deliver precisely that quantity. Listings should only be created when the seller has the item in possession.

Platform-Centric Communication: All seller-buyer interactions should exclusively take place through the Playswap Website Chatting System. In-game communication is not permitted.

Offsite Trading Prohibition: Sellers are strictly prohibited from offering offsite trades or personal deals. Violation may result in permanent account suspension.

Respectful Communication: Courteous communication with buyers is mandatory. Harassing content, threats, or any policy violations should be reported immediately.

Account Integrity and Fraud Prevention: Sellers are restricted to a single Playswap account. Fraudulent activities, such as self-purchasing, can lead to penalties, including permanent account bans.

Liability for Trade Disputes: Sellers are responsible for any trade disputes or chargebacks arising from issues such as delivery delays, malfunctioning products, or failure to provide required proof of delivery.

Legitimate Gaming Assets: In-game virtual items, gold, and coins available on the platform must be obtained legitimately through task completion ("Achievement"). All listed products undergo rigorous platform reviews. Obtaining gaming assets through unauthorized means is strictly forbidden.

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